Local things for kids to do.

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Claiming Your Biz on Hulafrog Milford Mill-Reisterstown, MD Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Get exposure on Hulafrog for FREE with your business profile. Claim your business and you can:

  • Edit Your Profile. Make the description exactly as you want it.
  • Add an Image. Kids engaging in something at your location works best.
  • Add events. Any events for kids & families qualify.

What's More? It’s all FREE!

How to Claim Your Business

  • Register with us via Facebook Login.
  • Go to the Register as a Business page.
  • Type in your Business Name.
  • Your business will pop up if it’s listed on Hulafrog.
  • Click on the Claim Button to the right of your business.
  • Fill out the 6 simple fields to create a member profile.
  • Your local publisher will be notified saying you’d like to claim your business profile and call you when you’re all set.
  • Next just log in and you’ll have access to your business profile.

* If your business name does not pop up when you start typing it in, it’s because you’re not yet listed on the site. In that case, just complete the form to sign up.

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