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Today Show
Hulafrog Myrtle Beach, SC shared Today Show's Mom Truths: Mom-dating is HARD.
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"Oh my gosh, is this a real friend? Is this not just a park friend?" Thank you, Cat & Nat, for cracking us up on #MomTruth Friday by describing the challenges of taking mom friendships to the next level. More:

Kristina Kuzmic
Hulafrog Myrtle Beach, SC shared Kristina Kuzmic's Truth Bomb Mom: If Adults Acted Like Toddlers.
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NEW VIDEO: If Aduts acted like toddlers! Parents of young children, next time someone asks you why you're constantly exhausted, show them this!

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Musikgarten in Myrtle Beach and Conway
If your children love to sing, dance, play with instruments, and meet new friends, Musikgarten in Myrtle Beach and Conway offers a large variety of class options for ages birth - 9 years old. The curriculum is wonderful and you couldn't possibly ask for a better instructor! Classes begin on September 5th, so be sure to register for classes today before all spots are filled! Please PM with any questions - my children have participated in these classes and I would highly recommend them!
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Here is some Musikgarten FUN for your Friday! Hope you all have a fun filled weekend! Thank you for another great week. :)

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Katie EchentileSo excited to share information about your classes with families in the Myrtle Beach area!! Jane Burlinson1 day ago

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✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ This meme implies I stopped being a kid in some ways. Yes, I'm stuck adulting, too, because, well, I'm an adult. But over all? This. And not just because eating Oreos without getting pruney fingers from dunking is a sin. ~Northern Mommy

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The Holderness Family
Hulafrog Myrtle Beach, SC shared The Holderness Family's “In the Tub” Back to School — 50 Cent - In Da Club Parody.
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NEW PARODY! "You can find her IN DA TUB." Go shorty, It's your first day! Have a great school year everyone. #Backtoschool #InDaTub

No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog
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Eye roll!!!