Main Street Child Development Center, LLC

Main Street Child Development Center, LLC

1205 Main Street
, SC 29526

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Here at Main Street Child Development Center we believe that a child-centered and adult guided learning approach is the best way to meet the needs and interests of all children. Children should have some control in the classroom and be a part of the decision making process. The adults in the classroom help to guide the children towards positive choices that they make on their own. Choice is very important to young children and when they are guided by intentional teachers their choices help to develop learning skills and abilities.
A child’s work is play and play is the best learning tool there is. Children need to be able to physically engage all parts of their bodies and mind in order to truly learn and play, in which play is the ideal way to do so. Connections and many skills and abilities that are essential for learning are developed through various aspects of play. Children are active participants in all parts of the classroom community. Children need to be included and feel respected, safe, and secure so that they can explore and learn through play. Our goal is for the children to feel as if the classroom is their room and not the room of the guiding teacher. We want every child to be able to point to the door and when asked the question “who’s room is that?” to be able to respond- “my room”!
We believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn. We believe that every aspect of a child’s life, be it cognitive, social, emotional, physical, or spiritual, should be touched or challenged in some way during his or her journey with us. Each of these areas is interrelated, and in a relaxed and rich learning environment, these aspects can naturally integrate to create maximal and effective learning. Positive guidance strategies are utilized to encourage respect, care, and social responsibility for each other.



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