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The Dance Realm

The Dance Realm

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Formerly affiliated with LeDance Studio, The Dance Realm offers the best in dance education while finding a happy medium between structure and fun. Our classes include ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and award-winning recreational and elite competitive dance teams for all ages. We offer a nurturing approach to teaching dance. We aspire for connection at our studio. Each child is an individual, and their individual growth and talents need to be celebrated during EVERY class. We want every student to leave each class with a feeling of accomplishment.

Instruction will be fun and include...
...positive, energetic, and motivational instructors.
...appropriate music and costumes.
...learning confidence and life skills that will carry on into the future and memories that will last a lifetime.
...the philosophy that hard work and determination will pay off in whatever you do.


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Instructor Testimonies:
"I have proudly worked for Sue Beiting for the past 11 years and can sincerely say that I look forward to many more to come. Sue is a business owner that not only cares about every child that comes into the dance studio, but also is a boss that truly appreciates and respects her staff. I would have followed her wherever she ended up. It just happened to be at the convenient 8 Highland Avenue location." -Karen Desmond

"I have been both a student and employee of Sue Beiting, and the kids have always called her 'Mama Sue,' a well deserved nickname. Her encouragement, love, and technical teaching ability are the reasons why I auditioned and made it into the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts, which allowed me to get a full scholarship to college. She and this studio not only make me a better dancer and dance teacher, but I am a better, more resilient, more enthusiastic person. I am proud to now be teaching at her side." -Kairee Franzen

"I began taking dance lessons with Sue at the age of 4 in 1988. I have been instructing with her for the past 14 years. The core values I learned while dancing and teaching with her were so valuable, and I am so thankful to be able to pass those on to my students under her direction. Sue has such a big heart, she'll do anything for you and loves what she does. One value we all share as instructors at this studio is that there is nothing more rewarding than helping a child to succeed and knowing that we have made a positive impact in their life." -Stephanie Lewis

"Sue Beiting was my very first dance teacher when I joined the studio 20 years ago. I began working for her in high school and have continued to for the past 9 years. She has not only been a wonderful dance instructor to me, but also a second mom. I have spent most week nights and numerous weekends at that studio, and throughout those hours of hard work (and also plenty of laughter), Sue has taught me so much more than just dance moves. She has taught me dedication to my passion, solid work ethic, and self-esteem. I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today without her, and hope that every child who walks through the studio doors gets to know what it is like to be a part of her family too." -Emma Rose Thompson

"I started dancing at the studio and with Sue Beiting when I was three. I am now 23 and work for her as a dance instructor. Sue has a way of mixing fun along with hard work, and she treats each student as if they were her own. She puts her students first and wants to see each one of them succeed. I am truly blessed to be part of this crazy, fun dance family and look forward to many years to come." -Shelby Luppert

"With it being my first year teaching, it's been so special sharing a beginner 4 and 5 year old class with my mom and to learn from the very best. She has a way of engaging with her students that only comes from years of experience and a true love for her job. My students' faces light up when she walks in the room. When I'm teaching new steps, she always has better ways to present them so that they will be more receptive. Classes always have the perfect combination of both structure and fun. I could not be more proud of my mom and to continue with her on this journey." -Sydney Beiting

"I started taking dance at the studio when I was in first grade. After college, I decided to come back and teach because I missed having dance in my life. Teaching is so rewarding. I get to watch the students grow not only in their dance ability, but also in their confidence, maturity, and self-esteem. I love being a part of this studio in particular because the director, other teachers, students, and parents have become a second family for me. I cannot imagine teaching anywhere else." -Megan Wispe-Stormer

"I first came to the studio as a little girl looking to wear pretty costumes and stomp around in tap shoes, but after my first class, I was hooked. Dance became the love of my life, and it was all I wanted to do. While I was learning how to pirouette and shuffle grab-off, I also learned what it means to persevere and have discipline. Growing up, I went to as many dance classes as I could, even traveling across the country at times, but I've never had a teacher as dedicated and loving as Sue Beiting. She can be critical at times -- she strives for the best -- but her honest criticism makes her praise that much more meaningful and sincere. As a teacher at the studio, I get to watch Sue change students' lives every week the way she changed mine, and I hope that someday I'll be able to make that same impact." - Doris Dolezal



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