Qualified Businesses

Do I qualify for a Hulafrog business account?

Any local business or organization that offers products, services or activities for kids may set up a free business profile on Hulafrog. Keep in mind Hulafrog is all about local things for kids, and their families, to do. The lists below offer a few examples of the types of businesses and organizations that should sign up for Hulafrog.

Examples of Qualified Businesses

  • Dance Studios
  • Learning & Tutoring Centers
  • Kid-friendly Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Toy Stores or Children's Apparel

Examples of Qualified Non-Profit

  • Town Parks & Recreaton Committees
  • Other Municipal Councils & Committees that put on festivals & parades
  • PTAs
  • Local Girl Scouts Councils

Types of Businesses That Do NOT Qualify

Even if your business offers products or services for Moms and/or Dads, it does NOT qualify unless it offers products or services for kids. Some examples of businesses that are NOT appropriate for Hulafrog include:

  • Professional Services (lawyers, accountants, chiropractors, etc.)
  • Printers & Publishers
  • General Retailers (adult apparel, jewelry, department stores, etc.)
  • Hair Salons, Gyms & Nail Salons

The Fuzzy Line

A business that might not normally qualify, may be appropriate, IF it offers specific classes or events that are FOR KIDS. For example, a yoga studio that markets to women is NOT qualified. However, a yoga studio that offers Mommy & Me or Yoga for Toddlers classes would qualify. In this case the Yoga Studio would create a business profile and also add information about their "Mommy and Me" and other classes for kids so that it appears on their profile and shows up in our "CLASSES" directory.

To see a complete list, view the list of categories and sub categories on the sign up form for businesses.

In-home Lessons

Any business owner who offers "home-based" lessons (eg: language classes, music lesson, etc.) must be a legitimate business entity authorized to conduct business in their home state.

Hulafrog reserves the right to close the account of any business that it deems unsuitable.