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7 Ways to Make More Money on Hulamarket

Smart Sellers make beaucoup bucks on Hulamaket. Here's how:

  1. Title: Your title is a first impression. Make it a good one. Use brand name, size, and retail value to grab the buyer's attention.

  2. Photos: Photos sell your stuff, so make ‘em good. Use a solid background—white is preferable, take your pics in good light and clear out the clutter from the area you're photographing (I guess that's why you're here...)

  3. More Photos: You can upload four and you should. Take your pics at several angles so buyers can thoroughly check the item out and click buy with confidence. Make your first pic your best.

  4. Brand Names: Added the brand name? The value (and your price) just went up 10%. Brand names also help when buyers are searching for something specific.

  5. Retail Price: Everyone loves a deal. Your original purchase price or retail value helps buyers understand the value of the item and the deal (or steal) they're getting.

  6. Tell it like it is: Soon we'll be introducing seller ratings. You'll get a higher rating if your description realistically describes your item. And sellers with the highest ratings are sellers who make the most money.

  7. What sells best? Nursery furniture (and other furniture), jogging strollers, bikes, wagons, kids kitchens, play houses, swing sets & designer shoes and handbags for mom, seasonally appropriate items, and anything in great condition. Lots of other stuff too, but these items always fly.

More Tips for Sellers: