HulaMarket for Charities

Bye-Bye box tops and bake sales. Hellooo HulaMarket.

Need to fundraise but don’t want to lift a finger? (Other than to post to facebook?). HulaMarket’s got your back.

How it works: 1. Share 2. Sell 3. Shop

  • Your supporters love your organization and they want to help you raise money. But they’re busy, and frankly, so are you. This fundraiser takes about 10 minutes.
  • Your supporters post an item for sale on HulaMarket (a toy, a bike, a doll, a piece of furniture, etc.) Something their kids have outgrown and they’d like out of the house anyway. They check the box to donate the proceeds to your organization, and they’re done.
  • Once the item sells, the proceeds (all but a 10% transaction fee) are deposited in your organization’s bank account through PayPal.
  • Each charity has its own page that it can share on Facebook to encourage supporters to shop to support their organization.
  • Its simple—think of it this way:
    1. SHARE: Share this fundraiser with your organization and get your members on board.
    2. SELL: Get your supporters to each find one item (or more!) to sell on HulaMarket.
    3. SHOP: Once your page is full of awesome items of Sale, let the shopping begin! ( And we’ll help you out by featuring your charity in our What’s New on HulaMarket newsletter to encourage others in the community to shop and support your cause. )
  • Host a short-term fundraiser or fundraise all year round on HulaMarket. Your call. The first step is signing up.