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Josephine’s Reviews

Eighty Nutrition

I just finished up my first (I already know I will do another) 2 week cleanse with Eighty and was very happy. I needed to really get back to eating better and creating healthy habits. This cleanse is exactly what I needed. It is real food, not deprivation. I already feel like I have created healthy habits that will stick. Ali is so knowledgeable and supportive and you get some amazing healthy delish recipes. If you are looking to get your eating under control and learn what your body needs to feel good, I highly recommend reaching out to Eighty Nutrition.

AR Workshop Red Bank

Love AR Workshop in Red Bank. When the pandemic started and we were looking for things to do, I wanted to try a chunky knit blanket. I know how to knit but have never done with my hands. They delivered 2 kids to my front door. All I had to do was watch the videos on you tube that they provide and I was able to create 2 great chunky knit blankets. Easy, and convenient and helped pass some time !!

Coco Kiki Events

Coco Kiki is perfect when you need to make any day special. I was able to get a yellow balloon arch on the doorway for my daughter's sweet 16. It was perfect and so easy to work. Check out their instagram and facebook to see all the ways they can create the perfect at home event for you.

Buttercream Cakery

Jen is amazing and her new cookie kits for the holidays are a huge hit !!! Fun for kids and adults to decorate and they taste amazing !! check out her facebook page and her instagram to see all her amazing work

Project Write Now

My daughter just took the Heroes and Villains camp with Miss Sammy and she LOVED it. She didn't know one other kid, which at age 10 is not always easy. After one day she couldn't wait to go back. She was so inspired and would come home telling me all about what she wrote and what others were writing. She asked our family to play some brain storming games. I have never seen my daughter have such simple joy with 0 anxiety. I will be signing her up for more classes for sure. A wonderful program that gives back to the community. A win win for everyone involved.