Lake Pointe Academy - Lake Wylie SC

Lake Pointe Academy - Lake Wylie SC

3168 Hands Mill Hwy Hwy 274
Lake Wylie
, SC 29745

CALL:  (803) 631-5253


Three vital ingredients form Lake Pointe Academy

Lake Pointe Academy's program is based upon three intertwined components:

Christ-centered focus
Jesus Christ is at the center of all our goals and activities. It is for His glory that we exist.
In academics, a biblical integration approach seeks to reveal Scriptural Truth along with knowledge.
Student Life activities and athletics also serve to focus upon the life-giving message of the Gospel.

Integral parent involvement (University Model)
Many educational options require parent involvement, but this can have very different meanings. In the UMS, parent involvement is an intentionally vital part of the academic and character programs.

Classical approach to education
To be independent thinkers and life-long learners, students need serious skills, not shortcuts.
Lake Pointe believes the Classical Christian approach is the best method to encourage deep learning.
Students are taught differently at the three progessive levels of development:

Grammar (grades K5-4): Fact based
Logic (grades 5-8): Associations and analysis based
Rhetoric (grades 9-12): Expression and argument based
Additionally, they are taught with different content and focus: Grammar and composition intensive, phonics, cursive penmanship, Latin, logic, paired history and literature, reading focus -- including original source materials



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