Nova's Bakery

Nova's Bakery

1108 Cherry Road
Rock Hill, SC



From our brick oven to your home or to your favorite restaurant we
make European breads and pastries daily.

Nova's produces European crusty bread with a soft inside. Bakers blend a variety of
grains, seeds and herbs into traditional recipes to create breads with the unique and unforgettable flavors of old Europe.

Offering specialty breads like brioche, kalamata olive loafs and ficelle, Nova's also
provides the city with traditional European favorites such as baguettes, focaccia
and country sourdough breads.
In keeping with the "daily market mentality," Nova's bakery bread is made with
no preservatives and meant to be bought and consumed every few days.
Focusing on basic eastern European recipes without all the additives, the
majority of the recipes contain no eggs, oils or sugar. Nova's breads are an
appealing option for those looking for bread with a low fat content suitable
for diabetics, vegans, and the health conscious.

Those with a sweet tooth are equally pleased with the assortment
of breakfast goodies and desserts the bakery offers. Delectable
cannolis, scones, and marble brownies entice patrons looking for
a treat. With several different kinds of muffins, breakfast lovers
enjoy stopping in to indulge in an early morning nosh. Sweet breads,
such as cranberry pecan bread, cinnamon raisin bread and brioche, are
sold in addition to the bakery's regular repertoire.

We make our breads the old fashion way, the only way that is good for
a long and healthy life.
Stop by our bakery daily for the perfect compliment to your perfect



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