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San Antonio Aquarium

San Antonio Aquarium

6320 Bandera Rd
San Antonio
, TX 78238

CALL:  (210) 310-3210
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Looking for things to do in San Antonio? Want a fun activity to do with your family? This will be a really fun place to bring your kids. But we will have fun for kids and adults alike.

Our 50,000 square foot facility will feature thousands of species! We will have reptiles, warm and cold water fish, various exotic birds, and so much more! Among the exhibits, you will be able to experience:

Sharks, Stingrays
Corals, and other invertebrates
Lorikeets, Parakeets, Toucans and Macaws
Tropical Fish, and Cold water fish including dozens of species of rockfish and flatfish
Rain Forest Area, including exotic reptiles and amphibians
Giant Pacific Octopus


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