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BASIS San Antonio Primary - Medical Center Campus

BASIS San Antonio Primary - Medical Center Campus

HOURS: Mon. -Fri.: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday: Closed -
Sunday: Closed -
CALL:  (210) 319-5525


BASIS San Antonio Medical Primary - Medical Center Campus is an open enrollment, tuition-free charter school, in San Antonio, TX that serves grades K-5.

BASIS K-4 Curriculum:
The BASIS.ed K–4 program has been developed to help prepare students for the rigorous curriculum in our Intermediate and High School program (grades 5-12). It focuses on critical thinking, organizational skills, time management, study skills, and behavioral expectations – each of which is vital to the students’ future success in various pursuits.

BASIS Intermediate Curriculum:
The BASIS Curriculum for grades 5–7 is designed to help students develop academic and organizational skills that will prepare them for the demanding High School curriculum. Whereas the Primary (1-4) Program is primarily taught in integrated 85-minute blocks, Intermediate students switch classes and subjects every 50 minutes, which presents an exciting challenge for students. We recognize that the abilities to organize time, and manage and control oneself are not innate: we must all learn these skills. Our Intermediate teachers focus on these every day and help students fine-tune these skills as they gain content knowledge as well.



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