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Helix Montessori School

Helix Montessori School

3941 Conrad Dr
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Schools: Preschools
Childcare: Daycare

CALL:  (619) 460-4121


By studying the growth and development of the brain, Montessori have become to conclusions, Start educating children at the age of three or earlier. Years from two to six the brain absorb more information than at any other time, and it is also a time for major growth and development. Children grow and develop very quickly and this fact is affected by four major kinds of changes: physical, cognitive, social, and ecological.
Montessori ideas about education:
'€¢Treating children with respect.
'€¢Giving children the opportunity to do the tasks that interested them as often as they wanted.
'€¢Making materials designed for specific learning goals.
'€¢Showing children the steps involved in doing a task or working with a particular material.
'€¢Designing materials and activities where children could correct themselves rather than have an adult correct them.
'€¢Observing the children to see how they used material and what they needed to learn.
'€¢Accepting that not all children learn at the same space.



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