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Boogiezone Utopia

Boogiezone Utopia

1951 W Carson St
, CA 90501

HOURS: Mon. -Fri.: 17:00 - 21:30
Saturday: 09:00 - 15:00
Sunday: Closed -
CALL:  (310) 320-4386
EMAIL(info@boogiezoneutopia.com)   |     |   FACEBOOK


Our Vision

To Explore your Creativity.
Discover your Art.
Spark Your Passion.
Share Your Inspiration

Our Mission

Boogiezone Utopia provides the ultimate creative playground and passion for the arts to bridge dreams to reality within the local and global community and beyond.

About Boogiezone Utopia

A social hotspot, where one can engage on a multitude of levels; fine tune their skills, gain inspiration, brainstorm ideas, and share their love and passion for all things creative. This takes place all within the confines of a building whose interior design and space will promote the same sort of energy it houses. We offer dance classes in all styles, music, and theater for all levels and degrees of passion. Looking for a creative space to rehearse, host an event, or conduct a class? We are Boogiezone Utopia - The Laboratory for the Creative Arts!

U· to· pi· a [yoo-toh-pee-uh]

1. an ideal place or state.
2. any visionary system of political or social perfection
3. an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal


At Boogiezone Utopia, we encourage everyone to imagine what their ideal personal Utopian state of creative existence would be, and allow each to explore it further by not only providing the space, but the tools and the environment to help make dreams happen. Many artists have the vision to be exceptional, however, they do not have the resources to nurture it. We offer the platform and provide the tools you need!


Nobody's Perfect. But a true artist always strives for their personal best, constantly evolving. May every step you take bring you that much closer...WELCOME to our perfect imperfection. Boogiezone Utopia


This is our second global location. Visit www.boogiezoneutopia.jp
to see what is going on in Tokyo, Japan



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