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Hulafrog for Local Business Owners

Advertising on Hulafrog

Expertise & Results

Hulafrog works with thousands of local businesses, like yours, across the country, helping them gain brand recognition and bring in new customers.

The knowledge gained from many campaigns with schools, dance studios, sports facilities, and all of our local business categories, is applied to every new business we work with to ensure success.


Partnering with Hulafrog

When you partner with Hulafrog, you get tons of extra value. You’re not just buying advertising inventory, you can consider us your marketing partner

What You Get:

  • Kick Off Consulting Call: Kick off your plan with a call to think through your year, and plan your monthly promotions.
  • Promotions: We know what works and what doesn’t, and can help you craft your promotions based on insight from working on other buisnesses like yours.
  • Execution: With our plan in hand, we execute the marketing and you can focus on managing your business.
  • Monthly Check-ins: We’ll check in monthly to confirm the next month’s focus, or alter it if something new comes up, and talk through how everything is going.

We make it super easy so you can focus on what matters most—running your business.

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Multi-Media Advertising Packages

When you purchase advertising with Hulafrog, you’ll connect with our audience through a wide variety of advertising options that will allow you to leverage:

  1. Hulafrog’s beautifully designed website
  2. Targeted email newsletters
  3. Engaged social media following
  4. Self-service tools to allow you to post offers and updates

This multi-media approach will empower you with visible graphic branding all year long, the ability to be found when parents are searching for businesses like yours, and the promotional tools you need to get the word out exactly when you need to.

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Mom is King (& Queen)

We deliver a qualified audience—the all-important online mom, who is the Chief Operations Officer of the household, deciding what camps and classes her kids will take, what events to go to and what schools to consider. 96% of our audience is “mom.”

Most importantly, she’s engaged and full of intention.

75% of our audience says they have visited a business they found out about on Hulafrog and 99% intend to.

And that’s because Hulafrog is a decision-making tool that helps parents find activities, events and services for their kids and family. Our audience is looking for you and ready to buy.

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Value in Long-Term Relationship

Hulafrog has a variety of packages, but our most successful businesses partner with us for 12 months.

Customers who partner with us for the year get upwards of a 30% discount and tons of perks along the way. We get to know you and your business and we can work together to ensure that your plan is driving results.


High Renewal Rates & Testimonials

Our high renewal rates tell a story of delivering results year after year with many businesses having been with us for 3, 4 and even 5 years.

And with each year that we work with our partners, we continue to grow our subscriber lists and visitors so you’re always reaching new parents.

Hear from some of the businesses that love Hulafrog »


Bringing You Repeat Customers for Years

When you decide to purchase an ad plan with Hulafrog, you’re making a smart move. Yes, it’s an investment, but one that often pays off tenfold.

When you sign on a new customer—for your school, your dance studio, your dental practice, etc., that customer will often be with you for years and years to come.

Those one or two customers will often cover the costs of your annual ad plan and much more!

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