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Our Audience

hulafrog audience

1. Engaged & Loyal

Hulafrog moms are loyal, engaged & looking for you!

  • 95% of Hulafrog’s audience are moms.
  • 82% make household purchasing decisions for their kids, including the classes they will take, the schools they will attend and the events they will go to.
  • 75% of Hulafrog subscribers have contacted a business or attended an event they found out about on Hulafrog.
  • 99% say they intend to visit a business or attend an event after using Hulafrog to find it.
engaged mom

2. Targeted Geographically & Demographically

  • Each local Hulafrog site covers a 10-15 mile radius, to ensure that all content is relevant to every parent who receives our newsletters, visits our Facebook page or comes to our website.
  • All of our subscribers have at least one child under the age of 12.

That means that every person coming to Hulafrog is a pre-qualified potential customer!

* Source: 2016 Hulafrog Subscriber Study of 3,114 subscribers

targeted geographically

3. The Right Audience at the Right Time

  • Making Decisions On The Go & Online. Today’s ever-coveted mom makes 82% of household purchasing decisions, but doesn’t read print newspapers.
    She’s more concerned with what her family will do tomorrow than what happened in the news yesterday. She rarely sits down and gets most of the info she needs online.
  • Contextual Relevance Is Critical. Hulafrog connects you to customers at the moment they are looking for businesses like yours.
  • We’re not another blog. Parents subscribe to Hulafrog specifically to find local activities and resources for their families.

So whether it’s your free business profile on Hulafrog or your ad, it’s not a distraction. Our subscriber sees it as welcome and useful content.

The Hulafrog audience is looking for businesses like yours.

mom & daughter