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What can you do once you’ve claimed your profile?

1. Add Events

Post any kid-friendly event your business is hosting, and post as many as you’d like!

They’ll appear on our event calendar and on your profile page.

And your event may even be selected for our beloved ‘Our Pick’ newsletter. If we don’t know about it, we can’t feature it.

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2. Post Updates

Give local parents updates on the cool things you’ve got going on by using our ‘Posts’ feature.

Your post will appear on our post page and your profile page. So get posting!

Our audience wants to hear what you’ve got going on. Posting updates is free.

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3. Add Offers

Create a special offer for Hulafrog parents using our ‘Offers’ feature.

Your offer will appear on our offers page and your profile page.

It’s free. Parents LOVE a good deal, so grab their attention.

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4. Edit Your Profile

Share what makes your business special for kids & families. We’ll be driving parents to it when you are featured. Edit your profile and make it stand out.

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5. Upload an Image

Add a great pic of kids having fun at your location or add your logo.

These photos are often what makes a parent stop to say, let me find out more about this business.

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6. Add Direct Links

Add urls for your class or camp schedule, birthday party options or a kid-friendly menu. This is a great way to direct parents to your website to find out more.

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7. Appear in our Directories

Select the directories where your business should be listed. (Classes, Camps, Birthday Parties, Preschools, etc.)

Simply select the most accurate categories and when parents are looking at those lists, your business will be there.

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8. Connect with Parents

Add your correct email and phone number so parents can reach out to you. Nothing is more important than enabling parents to reach you when they want to learn more.

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