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Reaching Parents Where They Live

Hulafrog is a national network of community websites, email newsletters & social media for parents, and a powerful marketing tool for national brands and retailers.

Every local Hulafrog is the go-to source for places to go and things to do for kids & families in that area. Parents love Hulafrog for its comprehensive calendar of events, directory of destinations, deals from businesses, and more.

There are 350+ US Hulafrog locations across the country, covering over 3,000 cities & towns.

The Right Audience At The Right Time

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  1. Coveted & Engaged Demographic: Hulafrog delivers the ever-coveted mom: the CEO of the Household who is responsible for 83% of family purchases.
  2. Viral Growth: Every Hulafrog becomes a beloved part of the community, growing from word-of-mouth – moms spreading the word to other moms, and businesses telling customers. Each Hulafrog site is run by a local editor, our team of influencers on the ground across the country.
  3. Contextual Relevance: Hulafrog subscribers are actively seeking activities, products & services for their families. Advertisements are as interesting & relevant as the other content.

The Hulafrog Audience*

The Hulafrog mom is today’s mom. On the go and in the know. Hulafrog subscribers:

Mom and daughter
  • 98% have children
  • 96% are women
  • 85% are moms with at least one child 12 or younger*
    • 15% have only older kids or are dads
  • The Hulafrog Mom* and Her Family
    • How old are her kids?
      • 64% have little ones (0-4)
        • 0-2 (Baby/Toddler) 44%
        • 3-4 (Preschool Age) 41%
      • 76% have grammar school age & tweens (5-12)
      • 14% also have a teenager (13+)
    • 75% have a college degree or higher; 34% have an advanced degree
    • 57% have annual HHI of $100k or more
    • 80% are the decision maker for family activities
    • 97% plan to spend the same or MORE on kids/family activities in 2020
    • 73% are willing to pay extra to give their children special experiences

(Source: 2020 Survey of 5,655 Hulafrog Subscribers)