CSPS "Sokol" Hall

383 Michigan Ave
Saint Paul
, MN 55102

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The CSPS "Sokol" Hall was founded as an immigrant center/national hall for the Czech Slovak immigrants who first arrived in St. Paul in the late 1860's. It was a center for multiple organizations: Slovanska Lipa, the first, was a literary society with the free expression of their language. In addition is was succeeded by ÄŚesko-SlovanskĂ˝ PodporujĂ­cĂ­ Spolek (C.S.P.S.) a fraternal benevolent organization much like social security or an insurance group. So also Sokol Minnesota, the current owners, was founded as a fitness society and became the programmatic arm while the C.S.P.S. became the financial. Currently the Czech Slovak Folk Dancers, the Czech Slovak Culture Center, and the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic call it home, though many non-profits enjoy discounted rates for rentals.



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