STEM on Mother's Day?

5 Fun STEM Projects to Craft with Your Kiddos

April 30, 2021

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Oh yeah.

We all know there's nothing more heart-warming than a hand-crafted gift made by your little love.

And of course there's nothing we'd rather do on our special day than spend some QT with our cuties.

But did you know there are easy ways to add the mind-nurturing benefits of a STEM project into the picture? The kids will be having fun, loving mom, and learning too.

So here are five ideas that incorporate STEM into Mother’s Day and make for family fun for all....

1. Make Mom a Popsicle Stick Photo Frame 

Ages: toddlers+ [From A Few Shortcuts ]

Your kiddos can create a keepsake frame to post on the fridge. It'll keep you sane and smiling every time your munchkins ask for a snack.

What You’ll Need: Large rainbow colored popsicle sticks (or have your kiddos paint/color their own), a hot glue gun with glue sticks, construction paper, buttons or gems to decorate, a hinge clip, magnets and your fave photo of you & your kiddo.

Get Crafting: Lay seven popsicle sticks on a flat surface creating a square. Cut a piece of construction paper that is just smaller than your frame and hot glue it to the back of your popsicle sticks. This holds everything together. Flip it over and your tiny tots can start decorating by hot gluing on buttons, gems, mom memorabilia, or anything they choose. Glue the clip on to hold your photo. (Kids can also draw a picture instead.) Glue some magnets on the back, if you want to show it off on the fridge. 

2. Craft a Fingerprint Card for Mom 

Ages: toddlers+ [From Science Buddies ]

You’ll love this card for years to come, especially being reminded of those tiny little fingers.

What You’ll Need: Construction paper, magic markers, finger-paint and a little knowledge about fingerprints.

Get Crafting: This is super simple. Help your tots make a card for mom (enlisting dad works too). Use finger-paint to help them make hearts, flowers and other decorations out of their fingerprints. While crafting, insert a small lesson about the uniqueness of fingerprints. If you have more than one kiddo compare prints to see if there are similar patterns. Ask questions like: Are fingerprint patterns inherited? Mom, you’ll have to do a little googling so you’ve got all the answers. A sweet card is your reward and a little STEM lesson and quality time with you is theirs.

3. Build Mom a Chemis-tree Garden or Pick your Perfect Project 

Ages: 0 to 104+ [From KiwiCo.]

If you want a super simple DIY that's delivered to your door, try this Chemis-tree Garden. It provides an excellent intro to chemistry and can double as a gift for mom. Or check out more options from tons of projects and crates from KiwiCo.

What You’ll Need: It’s all in the box delivered to your doorstep. (Yep! Super easy!)

Get Crafting: Your kiddos will concoct a chemical solution to make the garden grow fun and funky crystals over two days. They'll learn about the science of crystals - how they're formed, and how they make up all sorts of things, like salt, snow, and sapphires.

Or if gardens aren't your kiddo's thing, pick the perfect project from nature to pretend play, to electronics, animals and more. Each box has simple directions that the kiddos can follow, plus a video - they may even be able to make it on their own and surprise you mom!

4. Create a Beaded Flower Corsage

Ages: Preschool+ [From Buggy & Buddy]

Your crew can craft the perfect flower corsage for you to wear on Mother’s Day – or make matching ones for you and your littles.

What You’ll Need: Tissue paper in a variety of colors, a single hole punch, a pipe cleaner, scissors, and beads.

Get Crafting: Stack some small sheets of tissue paper together. The order you place the tissue paper in will determine how your flower looks. The more you use, the fuller your flower will be.  Hold the entire stack together and cut out a small circle approximately a two-inch diameter—basically making a circle shape for your flowers and cutting off the corners. Punch two holes in the center of your circles.

Take a pipe cleaner and put one end through each punched circle. Center the holes as best you can so both sides of the pipe cleaner are equal lengths after being put through the holes. Twist the pipe cleaner ends together right below the tissue paper circles to hold it in place.

To make the flower, gently separate each lawyer of tissue paper, pull it up and crumple it a bit to make your flower. Add beads to the pipe cleaners, leave a little extra room at the end of each pipe cleaner and twist the ends together to secure your bracelet. Snip off the ends ... Voila! You've got a beautiful flower corsage for your special day.

5. Bake and Make a Mother's Day Centerpiece 

Ages: Toddler+ [From Food Meanderings]

Baking together can be super fun for everyone, and this project lands you a Mother’s Day centerpiece and dessert for all.

What You’ll Need: Box of cupcake mix to make mini cupcakes, mini cupcake foils, vanilla icing, food dye to color icing as desired, chocolate pudding mix, Oreo cookies, gummy worms, a flower pot (or one for each kiddo), Saran Wrap, a straw (for each flower pot), green construction or tissue paper for stem and glue to attach.

Get Crafting: First make a batch of mini cupcakes. Your kiddos can ice them to make them look like flowers. Use the dye to add colors or buy simple decorating icing if preferred. For your flower pot dirt, you’ll need to make some instant chocolate pudding. While that’s chilling, line your flower pot with Saran Wrap – some should hang over the edge.

Next, put 10 cookies in a sealed plastic bag, use a rolling pin to crush them (yep leave this one to the kiddos). Start assembling – fill the pot with chocolate pudding, crumble cookies on top and finish with some gummy worms.

Insert a straw into the bottom of the cupcake and insert into the middle of the pudding. Cut out a paper stem and glue it on. You can make one or have each of your tots make their own. Chill until it's time to eat and adorn your Mother's Day table.


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