Things to do in National: Study Earth's Ocean from Space

Study Earth's Ocean from Space

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Friday, 2/4   
7:00 pm  

Note: Times Shown are EDT.



Does your 2nd -10th-grade child love Earth's beautiful ocean? Do they know that today we can learn many things about the ocean from space? Join this free exciting event with Joaquin, an oceanographer, and scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, to explore how space experts monitor ocean ecosystems from NASA satellites in orbit. A lot of Joaquin's work focuses on climate change and he has done expeditions to the North Pole, Antarctica and the Amazon. He will also explain how he uses coding, AI, and machine learning in his daily work to help protect our ocean.
Joaquin Chaves says: "I ´m a research scientist with the Field Support Group of the Ocean Ecology Laboratory at Goddard Space Flight Center, working as a contractor with Science Systems and Applications (SSAI, Inc.). Coding is a big part of my everyday job. I use various scientific computer languages such as Matlab and these days I mostly use free and Open Source languages like R, and Python and its open source scientific libraries. I've been advocating for the latter given their open source and free model. I chaired a workshop a couple of years ago about open source software tools and their applications in our field. Lately I've been venturing more into artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for our research and laboratory workflows.