Dream Centers of Michigan

Dream Centers of Michigan

6600 Rochester Rd.
, MI 48085

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Imagine trying to concentrate on homework while your mom is in the room doing heroin. Or, picture every holiday, birthday, baseball game, graduation or major life event without your dad because he’s locked up in prison. What if the people you looked up to most as your mentors were murderers and you were a student of the streets? These are not just possible scenarios for many of America’s youth in urban areas — they are present realities. When your everyday life is full of crisis, how can you possibly dream of a bright future? You ask for help, but your voice is not heard. You are desperate to be cared for, but with the present reality, odds are that you, too, will become a criminal unless someone steps in and breaks the cycle.

That is the space Dream Centers of Michigan are stepping into everyday. Dream Centers are designed to heal hurts and meet needs — to step into a repetitive cycle and offer a different reality. The Dream Centers offer holistic resources for realistic change.

Dream Centers of Michigan was formed to begin serving the community of Pontiac in 2014. The Pontiac location is now serving thousands of people each year. Seeing the needs being filled and hurts being healed in Pontiac, a second Dream Center was opened in Warren, Michigan, in 2015. The Warren center serves more than one hundred hot meals monthly and provides a food pantry that assists an average of 160 families every month. The eastside location also provides a free laundromat service and a thrift closet.



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