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Joy In The Cause

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Joy in the Cause, a non profit 501c3 organization, has a mission to serve individuals and families facing life-altering situations, one package of care at a time. That care comes in all shapes and sizes. It may be through the comfort of an unhurried conversation, a personal visit from Mavis Pearl, or receiving a stuffed Mavis Pearl dog. It could be the gift of a house cleaning certificate, a gas or grocery card, or the payment of a bill. When one family faces illness the entire family is affected. We help the entire family. Support looks different for every person going through a life altering illness.

That journey is very familiar to Lisa Bain.

Joy in the Cause was created through the lessons she and her mother learned together through her mother’s cancer journey and her own diagnosis of two autoimmune diseases. Those lessons taught Lisa how joy changes things and makes room for hope and healing. She found that laughter really is the best medicine and that miracles can definitely be found in very dark places.

JITC is growing far and wide to reach our entire community. Two Projects were formed this year to reach all ages in need:

The Purpose Project was formed to help our senior heroes. It involves youth groups, businesses, organizations, school groups, and volunteers who adopt a nursing home facility, assisted living center, or hospice. These seniors receive care packages and regular visits to brighten their day. Everyone has a purpose until their very last breath. Both volunteers and seniors are blessed by these visits. Visit this link for more information about the Purpose Project

Joy To The Rescue: Project Kids in Crisis: This is a project which began to aid first responders in helping kids in crisis. We have partnered with the Local Police Departments, and Usborne Books to fill backpacks with items that will bring hope and comfort to these children in crisis. Our goal: To fill every first responder squad car in the area with these backpacks. They are making such a difference to these kids in need. Visit this link for more information:

Joy In The Cause has over 400 volunteers and we are growing daily. Joy is spreading far and wide. Help is on the way! Giving = Joy, Joy = Hope, Hope = Healing. You cause matters!

For more information on our projects and mission, visit our website at We will keep you posted on upcoming events. Donations can be made on this sitel, as well as a link to the JITC store.



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