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Why My Kids are Not Bored This Summer

July 22, 2021 | by Kristina Djokic

Welcome to the dog days of summer. That exhilarating feeling of not going to class has worn away, the hot summer sun isn't feeling so "hot" anymore, and the kids are restless. And you? You're likely fresh out of ideas to keep them occupied. So we've decided to throw you a bone (or four) to beat summer boredom.

1. Exercise their minds with STEAM.  

As much as they were ready to be done with schoolwork a month or so ago,  that's no longer the case. By now, their brains are likely craving a serious workout. We know coming up with engaging science or tech projects for them sounds like a chore for you. But, not with STEAM subscriptions, like those offered by KiwiCo. They send an age-appropriate ready-to-go project to your doorstep every month, making it super easy.

2. Go Forest Bathing (a.k.a. Take in Nature)

The concrete sidewalks, electronic devices, and even the air-conditioning can feel draining at this point. Head out to your local nature area to unplug--and reconnect. The shadier the spot, the better-- because you should aim for a meander, not a quick in-and-out hike (think leisurely bath, not quick shower.) Pack a picnic lunch and some cards or board games to play while you're there.

3. Be a Tourist in Your Town (Or The One Next Door) 

A change of scenery is a great way to keep things fresh. Check out your local Tourism and Visitors Bureau to get a list of must-sees in your area. Spend the day hopping from site to site. Be sure to snap pics and make a pit stop to pick up a sweet treat as you explore. 

4. Give Back

Who doesn't love the feeling of doing something good for others? Whether it is picking a local charity to support by putting up a lemonade stand, volunteering to read to animals at a shelter, or joining a community clean-up event--the focus will be outside of themselves. Mom Tip: tailor the experience to your kiddo's interests and/or have them help come up with the project; otherwise, this could backfire.

You've got this! The great news about these tips, they are a gift that keeps giving. We still have a long summer ahead, so feel free to revisit the list to re-inspire you when you hit your next "I'm bored" wall. Now, go out and make this your best summer yet!


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