Book of the Week

May 8, 2022 | 

Book of the Week: Layla, the Last Black Unicorn

Author: Tiffany Haddish & Jerdine Nolen

Cost: Currently $17.09 on Amazon 

There's a great new book coming out on Tuesday. From beloved comedian, actress & bestselling author Tiffany Haddish comes Layla, the Last Black Unicorn. It’s not easy to fit in when you stand out. When Layla arrives at her first day of Unicorn school, it’s clear that she’s just different. But when her class gets lost during a field trip to the Fiddle Dee Deep Forest, it’s up to Layla to save the day. You can pre-order Layla, the Last Black Unicorn now, and it’s available online and in stores May 10th. Grab your copy now!