Twirly Dresses and Tea Parties with Such As These

Twirly Dresses and Tea Parties with Such As These

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Such As These is on a mission to make sure our girls are able to stay little girls and choose be who they choose to be . Instead of letting them stay children, our culture seeks to turn them into little adults. Through these comfortable and age appropriate fashions, we hope to make a difference and a statement of defiance against stealing away childhood. Please join me.

Classic and timeless styles designed with all little children in mind whether they be athletes, scientists, animal lovers, literature lovers, royalty in training or anything in between. Comfortable, quality, long lasting clothing made for daring and imaginative, playful and thoughtful twirl-filled days.

Such As These is also now offering ceramic tea sets and dress up doll sticker books for a complete imaginative childhood experience. Purchase separately or in packages.

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