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Blanche Reynolds Elementary School

Kelly Hatton, the principle, doesn’t have all of the kids best interest at heart.

Open Classroom at Blanche Reynolds

We love open classroom. It’s a hands on positive learning environment. The kids learn through songs. The core of this school is kindness. Teacher Scott (k-2 grade) is a prime example of dedication. This man is amazing. This school isn’t for the checked out parent. If you're involved in your child’s education, this school is for you. Class size is less then 20 kids. Only ‘negative’ is the Principle, Kelly Hatton. It’s hard to imagine anyone so disinterested and outright scummy within a school district. She’s disrespectful to kids and parents. Has a fake persona, and outright lies to kids. Scott more than makes up for her bad, disrespectful additutde. So in all. Open class room is amazing. The principle for the main school is rotten.