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Lambs of Christ Learning Center

Lambs of Christ Learning Center

W240 N3103 Pewaukee Rd
, WI 53072

HOURS: Mon. -Fri.: 6:30 AM - 5:30 PM
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God made each of us different, and because of this, each child is an individual who at this age may like playing house, reading, learning the alphabet or just spending time with a friend. Children have definite interests, likes and dislikes that develop at their own pace.

Lambs of Christ Learning Center respects this individuality that God has given us and has developed a learning program that through the guidance of nurturing teachers, children choose their own activities. Children will learn at a developmentally appropriate pace, thus providing them with more chances to succeed and feel good about whom they are as children of God.

We provide your child with a satisfying and fulfilling environment. The teachers are constantly listening and talking with the children to encourage their social, emotional and language development. The children are surrounded with age-appropriate tools to simulate exploration, discovery and development. With the assistance of teachers, children develop interests at their own pace.

Through the use of learning centers, each child will be provided with “hands on” activities that will develop the skills of how to sort things, recognize, identify and classify. Centers will also encourage writing skills, pre-reading skills and coordination.

Individual interaction by our teachers allows and encourages the skills, needs and interests listed below:

Spiritual Development: Children will daily hear and apply God’s Word as it is taught in its truth and purity. Christian devotional activities, Bible lessons, prayers and songs will all be a part of their day. We want to touch their tender hearts with the love of God as they learn of Jesus their Savior.

Intellectual Development: Children are given challenges in the critical thinking process. Basic language arts, communication, science, reading and math activities will aid in the development of their understanding.

Physical Development: Using scissors, zipping zippers, tying shoes and buttoning buttons will assist in their fine motor skills. Activities such as climbing, jumping, hopping and skipping will help in development of their large muscles. We have an outdoor play area for the children to use.

Social/Emotional Development: Daily activities with role playing will help develop social skills which are based on Christ-centered, God-pleasing principles of love and concern for each other’s safety and well-being. Children at this age are enthusiastic, adventurous, polite, outgoing and boastful. They all will be in an atmosphere in which they can feel accepted as a redeemed child of God.

Creative Development: Children are encouraged to express themselves through activities involving art, music and movement.


Our standard of excellence not only applies to our Christian program and teachers, but to all other areas of performance. You can always be assured that your child will receive consistent quality with regard to cleanliness, nutrition and safety.

We are not only here for your child but are also here for you. We will frequently communicate with you through newsletters and the parent board, so that you are consistently informed of your child’s development and progress. We are here to listen to you, so if a problem arises, we will work with you to resolve the issue.

We have developed a special little place for each child, where his or her talents are free to flourish and activities are age appropriate. It is a place that gives children more of a chance to discover and to nurture self-esteem in a positive way. It is a place where they learn Christian values and God-pleasing principles of love. It is place where they learn by having fun!



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