Project Nova, Inc.

Project Nova, Inc.

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My daughter Penelope was born with a birth defect requiring a 13 hour surgery and prolonged hospital stay immediately following her birth. Not until moving out of the NICU and down to the post-operative floor where Penny would remain for a few weeks did we realize just how lucky Penny was. She had two parents, and one of them was always able to be by her side, every second of every day. What we saw around us were children who required much longer hospital stays, and their families who had no choice but to return to work or return home to families in different cities, states, and even countries. We watched the 7 year-old “Mayor” of the floor tear up nightly as his family said goodbye. We saw the 2 year-old twin whose brother lived in Canada scream and cry for mommy and dada when they had to fly back home. And we listened to the constant cries of Penny’s roommate Nova, who never had a visitor to miss or long for.

While the incredible nursing staff was amazing with all of the children, they were overwhelmed with patients and work, and could only be so available. The child activities staff provided fun and comforting activity rooms for the children, however the number of volunteers to supervise and play with them, or bring activities to the children who could not leave their rooms and/or beds, was very small.

We saw a great need here and knew one day we would find a way to help. Project Nova, Inc. was created to comfort kids by providing a literary escape from reality and through companionship with a Pal.

- Michelle Spano - President



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